Hair transplant for women

If you are looking for a hair transplant for women, you have come to the right place. A hair transplant for women is important because it is not only about beauty, but also about self-confidence.

Hair loss in women can occur due to several causes. Various hereditary (genetic) factors, various diseases or accidents can cause women to feel uncomfortable with their hair and lose self-confidence. This is usually irreversible.

The only effective and permanent way to solve the hair loss problem in women, just like in men, is hair transplantation. Thus, you too can feel happy again and increase your self-confidence. While hereditary hair loss in men is manifested by receding hairline and extensive bald patches, women’s hair becomes lighter and thinner and falls out especially in the area of the middle parting.

As with men as well as women, a simple basic rule applies: If the hair loss is already visually noticeable, then about half of the hair has already fallen out. Therefore, it clearly makes sense to consider a hair transplant for women. The positive news for women is that thanks to the new methods, hair no longer needs to be shortened.

Why does a hair transplant make sense?

Every woman has the right to a beautiful radiance and handsome appearance. Nowadays, several women use medications, where you dig deep into your pocket, however, do not bring the desired success.

In addition, it must be mentioned here that diseases and deficiencies must be treated anyway, so that a completed hair transplant can bring long-term success.

Hair transplantation:

    • Without shaving or with partial shaving.
    • Fuller and denser hair
    • Fast, easy and painless
    • Full success with guarantee

Which hair transplant methods are suitable for women?

We as Idealeste use the newest methods on the market. Saphire FUE and DHI are the most recommended methods. It depends on the patient’s hair, if you have problems with receding hairline or thin and light hair where no more than 4000 grafts are needed, we recommend the DHI method. If you have a larger opening then the Saphire FUE method would be recommended. However, the methods could be combined to achieve the maximum density and the maximum number of grafts. You will get a more precise recommendation from us and our team of doctors on site.