The beard transplant

You are considering a beard transplant, then you have come to the right place. By various causes it can come to beard loss and beard problems. Various factors can play a major role here, such as genetics, various diseases or accidents. Also, irregular growth in different parts of the beard is very often called unsightly. It can be in certain areas the beard hair grows more densely and in other areas then not at all. Beard transplants are performed only in patients who find this situation unpleasant in terms of physical appearance.

You can also have your hair implanted into your mustache or eyebrows. Similar to hair transplantation, in beard transplantation the harvested grafts (hair roots) are transplanted into the corresponding leaking or even bald areas. It is a redistribution of the donor hair to the face or to the recipient area.

Beard transplantation is microsurgery and takes about 3 hours. Just as with hair transplantation, local anesthesia is used, which means that no pain is felt. Beard transplantation can be performed only with the patient’s own grafts (hair roots).

Under local anesthesia, the beard roots are transplanted using the Saphire FUE or the DHI method

 Why does a beard transplant make sense?

Every man has the right to a beautiful look and appearance. A beard transplant for men increases your self-confidence and thus your quality of life.


What beard transplant methods can be considered?

We as Idealeste use the newest methods on the market. Saphire FUE and DHI are the most recommended methods. It depends on the patient’s beard. In case of a beard where no more than 2500 grafts are needed, the DHI method could be recommended. If you have a larger opening then the Saphire FUE method would be recommended. You will get a more precise recommendation from us and our team of doctors on site.