The eyebrow transplant

If you are considering eyebrow transplantation, you have come to the right place. Eyebrows serve to protect the eyes by intercepting foreign bodies and dirt particles such as dust and grains of sand or sweat and moisture thus supporting the natural functions of the eyelashes.

Independently of their protective function, they are an instrument of communication without words. Their position reflects emotions and is an essential part of facial expressions.

Aesthetically shaped, full eyebrows highlight the eyes and give the face the crucial contours, symmetry and expression.


Eyebrow loss and the causes

Various causes can lead to eyebrow loss. Various factors can play a major role here, such as genetics, various diseases or accidents. Also, the wrong use of hair removal inflicts damage to the hair follicles. Thus, you can also opt for eyebrow transplantation to restore your self-confidence. 

What methods can be considered?

We as Idealeste use the newest methods on the market. Saphire FUE and DHI are the most recommended methods. In the field of eyebrow transplantation we mainly recommend the DHI method. This is because in the DHI method, as in the Saphire FUE, no canals are opened. This means that the wounds heal faster with the DHI method and a higher density can be achieved.

Both methods can be used for eyebrows as well as hair transplant and beard. Both methods do not leave pain or scars. After the treatment there is once again PrP treatment and you will also receive our hair care sets.